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Abby Wesson

Family: Aaron (husband) 

Occupation: Event Manager at Lake Tyler Petroleum Club

What are three facts that you want us to know about yourself? 

  • I’m married to an incredible man whose vision, passion, wit, and dance moves continue to amaze me. 
  • We started a business together our first year of marriage and recently sold it allowing us to move back to Tyler and live life with both of our incredible families before continuing our education. 
  • I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Social Work to be an advocate for women and children within our community. 

What inspires you to be a Women of Hope? 

The first time I heard mention of sex trafficking was at a local concert venue where For the Silent spoke. As a Freshman in high school, my eyes were widened by a travesty I was unaware existed and my heart was broken for a group of young girls and women whose voice was not heard. As I have gotten older, the severity of the growing epidemic in contrast to how little awareness, resources and funding are given continue to astound me. Hearing the unbelievable testimonies of women who are a part of For the Silent’s prevention program and their continued vision to radically change the climate in East Texas is inspiring. I am honored to be a part of supporting an organization who is radically impacting our community.     

What ways are you involved in the community? 

My husband and I recently moved back to Tyler after spending the past 5 years in Abilene. With Tyler being both of our hometowns, we are thankful to have maintained connection throughout the community even with our distance. I am the administrator for the Clement’s Family Foundation which supports several local organizations including The Mentoring Alliance, The Salvation Army, The First Tee, and The East Texas Food Bank. My husband and I are taking steps to become mentors as a part of The Gospel Village, and I hope to become a For The Silent prevention curriculum facilitator this year. 

What is a fun fact about you? 

Without having kids yet, we are unashamedly obsessed with our two dogs: a 4 lb. yorkie and a 70 lb. shepherd mix who are ironically best friends. We all currently live in a 400 sq. ft. tiny home on Lake Tyler where being outside has become our favorite past time.


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