Carrie Davis



Carrie Davis

Family: Richard (husband) Luke, Audrey & Eva

Occupation: Work-at-home mom, Artist

What are three facts that you want us to know about yourself? 

  • I am an introvert with ADHD who can spend hours upon hours making art and never know any time has passed me by.
  • A couple years ago, I was struck with horrible, relentless panic attacks that lasted quite some time. It was terrifying and humbling, but I talk openly about it in hopes of shining light into dark places. Fear is a hardworking bully, but when people stand together with love in Truth, there is no fear. I will never again be a slave to fear.
  • I am quite shy when it comes to recognition or being in the spotlight, so much so that I wasn’t sure if I would have what it takes to be a Woman of Hope. Then I remembered something very important: it is not about me! I am so thankful to be able to tell everyone how we are going to bust open the seams that bind our community- how we won't stand for this evil and the injustice right under our noses- how we will be a loud voice For The Silent!

What inspires you to be a Women of Hope? 

Psalm 139 inspires me to be a Woman of Hope, because God knows me completely- every thought, pain, wish and failure, and His love reaches into every part. Jesus makes me a new creation, giving beauty for ashes, turning darkness into light. His mercies are new every morning, and He offers abundant life to anyone who calls on His Name!

What ways are you involved in the community? 

I make art, most recently painting, printmaking and site-specific installation work. Through making, exhibiting, writing and speaking about the research, important questions are investigated. I strive to ask the right questions and put all I have and all I am into the work. I also do art camps for kids and donate work to several worthy places.

What is a fun fact about you? 

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a mother and a cowgirl with lots of children and animals. I'm not a cowgirl yet, but being a mother, I do plenty of herding, feeding and wrangling!


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