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Erin Phillips  

Family Member's Names: Chris - husband
Cameron - 12yo son
Rylee - 8yo daughter
Judson - 4yo son
Bwalya- adopted 27yo daughter

Occupation: Physician

What inspires you to be a Woman of Hope?: I am so honored to be chosen as one of the 2018 Women of Hope. I am inspired by the heart of this ministry and the lives that they are already impacting. I hope that my small role will help this ministry to continue to empower those youth that may have felt like they didn’t have a voice.

What ways are you involved in the community?: We are mentors with Gosoel Village here in Tyler. And we have had an incredible opportunity to mentor a precious 12yo boy for the last 5years.

What is a fun fact about you? : God has put the orphans in Africa in a special place in my heart. I initially thought he was calling us to adopt a young child, but then clearly heard Him call us to go to Africa on a mission trip. My husband and I first went in 2009 and I have now been a total of 8 times. On my first trip I met a young girl that needed help getting into school. So our family started sponsoring her then. She has since graduated high school and was able to get a student visa. She moved in with us this past Christmas and is going to TJC. So what I initially thought was a calling to adopt a young child turned into a 27year old college student!



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