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Kerrigan Sanders

Family Member's Names: Clyde Sanders - Father, Karen Sanders - Mother, Cagney Sanders Goodly - Sister Karla Gardner - Sister, Jayden- Nephew, Skylar- Niece, Kyndall- Niece, Barnett- Niece, Frankie Sanders - grandmother.

*June Jeffery - late grandmother

Occupation: Student/ Owner, Sugar Boogah Confections

What inspires you to be a Woman of Hope?: Being a Woman of Hope inspires me to advocate more for the victims who are in the trade of human trafficking by shedding light on the horrible acts that occur, but also being a voice for the silenced. We have to let people know that human trafficking is an epidemic that needs to be stopped now because it could affect us directly at any moment, and we must be prepared to help. For the Silent is not just another organization who helps victims get out of their situation, but they are a light of refuge.

What ways are you involved in the community?: Texas Democratic Party member, Texas Young Democrats, Smith County Young Democrats- Founding President and current Vice- President, NAACP Member of Tyler Smith County Branch #6232, volunteer Under the Bridge every fourth Saturday of each month to help the homeless in Tyler, Texas.

What is a fun fact about you? : I am a huge baseball fan, and my favorite team is the New York Yankees.



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