Mandy Glasscock



Mandy Glasscock

Family: Jason (husband), Bella Amor, Presley Paige, Bronson Cash

Occupation: Vice President of G-unit Household

What are three facts that you want us to know about yourself? 

  • Next to salvation only, my greatest earthly blessing is being a wife to Jason.
  • I’m a homeschooling momma of 3 (who never wanted to homeschool before having kids but now I love it).
  • I LOVE music (all types: rap, rock, R&B, oldies, etc.)

What inspires you to be a Women of Hope? 

Luke 12:48 - We are not financially wealthy but we have been given much in terms of grace and we are beyond rich in love & life. Therefore we are required. 

What ways are you involved in the community? 

My husband & I believe strongly in loving, serving, & giving. We host many “outreaches” out of our home, some include single moms, friends, etc. We want helping & giving to be a part of our daily life so it is incorporated into family life as much as possible. I’m involved in a strip club ministry called W.I.N.G.S. and have been for 7 years.

What is a fun fact about you? 

I want to be a noticer. I do not want to pass through my days without noticing people & learning about them. 

PS- I also want "La Bamba" played at my funeral!


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