Mary Maresch



Mary Maresch

Family: Ryan (husband), Jaden, Eshen, Mazzy

Occupation: Artist

What are three facts that you want us to know about yourself? 

  • I am an artist. My forte is painting but I enjoy bringing art into every aspect of my life.
  • I am a travel bug.
  • I am a lover of Jesus.

What inspires you to be a Women of Hope?

I firmly believe in For The Silent and want to be a part of helping in any way I can. These girls are amazing and I want to be a part of giving them a voice.

What are ways you are involved in the community? 

I am a part of my church community. I believe in and foster closer relationships with my friends and make it a point to be involved in their lives and offer support when needed. 

What is a fun fact about you? 

I’m a quirky sleeper. I have to sleep with an industrial fan and ear plugs and sometimes sleep upside down on the bed. I’m sorry to my husband who puts up with me!


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