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Smittee Root

Family Member's Names: Brad- husband
Braden & Grant - sons
Emma & Carlin - daughters

Occupation: Executive Director- Leadership Tyler (non profit)

What inspires you to be a Woman of Hope?: My children and ensuring our community continues to be better for them and future generations!! This is my community and I am very passionate about the need for community members to be involved in continuing to make it better for today and tomorrow. It takes raising the awareness of issues being faced and resources available to create lasting impact and change. I believe that there are amazing people in our community and if everyone is willing to share their talents, resources and time where needed and also receive the help of others when needed there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Sex Trafficking and exploitation is a community problem - not an individual problem and I am honored to participate and contribute in a very small way toward supporting the work being done by For the Silent.

What ways are you involved in the community?: I am a "connector and a collector". I love connecting people to each other and to their "perfect fit" in our community. I also love "collecting" information and knowledge that helps me understand our community better and its people (both those that have lived here their entire lives and those that have chosen to call East Texas home recently. Through my role as ED for Leadership Tyler I feel that I have an opportunity to do the most good by engaging leaders and equipping them to contribute to overall community enrichment.

Personally - I have a heart for those that are underrepresented and a passion for learning so this leads me to volunteer my time in various ways to benefit others, but in truth I often feel like the one who benefits.

What is a fun fact about you? : hmmm... my name is probably the stand out- how many girls does anyone know named "Smittee".


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