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Tia Williams

Family Member's Names: Melvin Williams Jr.- husband
Taniyah Jones- daughter
Darryl Jones Jr. son
Maliyah Jones- daughter
Michael Williams- stepson
Jabralyn Williams- stepson

Occupation: Social Worker

What inspires you to be a Woman of Hope?: It started with a project in graduate school. I visited For the Silent and Christina told me about their programs and some of the stories. I was in tears before I left that day. Immediately a fire ignited inside me for young girls being exploited and the cause this organization supports.

What ways are you involved in the community?: I am a former Sunday school teacher and youth leader. I have facilitated several referrals for the elderly in our community to meet their needs at home. As well as I have been a speaker to advocate for change in our community and a speaker for people with life controlling issues. Recently, I volunteered with For the Silent as a facilitator for the I Have a Voice program and in the past at a community education training event.

What is a fun fact about you? : I love karaoke!



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