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Yvonne Wright 

Family Member's Names: Husband of 22 years Rudy, Daughter #1 Amber 22, Daughter #2 Christian 17, Daughter #3 Lauren 16, we have 3 large dogs Archer the wolf, Jethro the German Shepherd, and Harley the Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd

Occupation: Owner Wright-Way Services which primarily consists of Wright-Way Construction, Wright-Way Solar, and Wright-Way Real Estate

What inspires you to be a Woman of Hope?: I went on a mission trip to Cambodia in 2007 and it changed my life. That was the first time I heard the term human trafficking. I remember thinking to myself, "Thank God I live in America where my 3 daughters don't have to worry about this." Fast forward a few years and I meet Kenny & Julie at our church, Generation North. Not only did they educate me that trafficking is actually a huge problem in the United States, but that it is happening right here in Tyler, TX. As a person who considers themselves someone who stands up for the rights of others, as the mother of 3 beautiful girls with bright futures, and as a victim of sexual and emotional manipulation by a man I trusted, I just felt an overwhelming pull to work with this organization. I'm so inspired what FTS is doing, not just for these girls, but for the reeducation of our community and law enforcement. It's inspiring and empowering and I am thrilled to have the chance to be a part of it.

What ways are you involved in the community?: I moved to Tyler in 1989 and I have seen it evolve in ways I never thought possible. Throughout the years I have volunteered for various organizations in town. I still give of my time and money but recently I have found that I prefer to shift my focus from random volunteering, to a more meaningful and specific lifestyle. I go out of my way to ensure every dollar I spend is spent locally, preferably with a small business. I'm very passionate about feeding dollars into our community and keeping them out of the pockets of huge corporate CEOs. I also do consider my business part of my involvement in the community. I am able to provide 15 local families with the means to support themselves, the Solar that we provide is liberating people from their dependency on the grid, and the Green Building that we do is allowing people to reduce their consumption and their carbon footprint. I'm active in all of my children's activities, both school and sports. I'm heavily involved in the Texas East Gymnastics Booster Club and with running their annual competition the Rose City Classic Gymnastics Invitational. I'm involved with my church, specifically in the care and advocacy of one of our members who is disabled, Dennis Milstead. Mostly, I just look for a need in my community and see if there's a way I can fill it.

What is a fun fact about you? : Married my high school sweet heart during our senior year. We took our honeymoon over spring break so we didn't have to miss school. I actually graduated as Mrs. Wright.
My favorite pastime is riding my 1991 Harley Davidson Low Rider. She's purple (of course!) and her name is Bella.
Sorry, I couldn't decide so you got 2.



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